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Pneuma GameZ Privacy Policy

Pneuma GameZ ("this circle", "we", "us" and "our") has established the following privacy policy ("this policy") regarding the handling of information obtained from customers.
These terms and conditions are agreed upon between all users who use the content of this circle and this circle.

1.Word definition

A.In-content information

This information is mainly used in content such as games and tools. An example is shown below.
・Player name
・Player status
・Clear information for stages etc.
・Play time

B.Out-content information

This is mainly information that is not used in content such as games and tools. An example is shown below.
・Full name
・Telephone number
・Device information

2.Personal information collected by this circle

A.Personal information from platform functions

Information from features such as accounts on platform platforms such as Steam, Epic Games, or Nintendo is provided and collected in accordance with each platform's privacy policy.
This collects not only in-content information such as achievements, but also out-content information such as the country of use.
Please check each platform's information regarding the type of information collected.

B.Personal information from content use

Information may be collected in ways other than those provided by the platform to enhance the content.
・User ID, user identifier
・Information regarding the operating environment of the computer, device, etc. in use
・Play data
・Information such as errors and crashes
・Inquiry details
・Other information separately presented by this circle

3.Handling of personal information

A.Purpose of use of personal information

This circle generally use the information we collect to improve, analyze, and promote our services.
Specific examples are as follows.
・Expansion of content
・Data analysis to fix bugs and improve content
・Inquiry response
・Providing information on events, new products, etc.

B.Provision of out-content information to third parties

Information may be provided to third parties with whom this circle is jointly developing and operating. In that case, we will separately request consent to the privacy policy and guidelines defined by the third party. In that case, consent to the privacy policy and guidelines defined by the third party will be separately requested.
Based on the above premise, in the following cases, as an exception, by agreeing to this policy, you are deemed to have consented to the provision of personal information.
・In the case of information that cannot be used to identify an individual to the developer of the library or engine used in the content
・In cases based on laws and regulations
・In cases where it is difficult to obtain consent when the protection of human life or property is involved
・When requested by the government or public organization

C.Provision of in-content information to third parties

General in-content information, such as username and status, may be shared and provided both inside and outside of the game.
This provision is intended to provide collected player status information in the form of rankings and user profiles.
This item does not apply to out-contentinformation, such as name and address.

4.Protection of personal information

This circle will manage personal information using reasonable measures.

5.Changes to this policy

This circle may change this policy from time to time as necessary.