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Voice Gun Arena


This is an animation project set in a game company.
It is a story about new employee Haru-chan learning various things at a chaotic game company.

Game CreatorZ


Let's all fight together by making full use of the voice gun!
You can play two games: battle royale mode and zombie mode (planned)

GC Online


This is a project to play the actual GameCube online.
Books and tools that introduce environment construction methods are on sale.

Net Friend Capi Capture


It is a system for window sharing on the Web that was created assuming that it will be used in combination with Net Friend Joy Joypad.
It's a little faster than Discord. If you just want to share a window, you can try it right away.

Net Friend Joy Joypad


It is a tool that allows you to emulate the controller operation of a friend in a remote location on your own computer.
You can play local multiplayer games without online play with your friends over the network.